Zoo Live

Zoo Live is broadcast live from a purpose-built studio at Dublin Zoo’s African Savanna for three nights per season. Co-hosted, one presenter talks to guests from our unique studio setting which is home to zebras, giraffes and scimitar-horned oryx. The other ventures behind the scenes with zookeepers to look at some of the most interesting and unexpected aspects of their work and find out more about the animals they care for.

Wildlife conservation, climate change and the major threats facing animal species in the wild will be key threads running across all three evenings.  We take a look at the history and cultural importance of Dublin Zoo through archive footage of the very early days of Zoo life. Each episode features a celebrity who becomes a zookeeper for a day.  Beloved comedians and personalities all take on the real work of a zookeeper from food prep, to feeding time, to cleaning out habitats.

Education and science workshops are located in the Congo Camp. School children get the chance to play some games, ask questions, meet animals up close.

Other topics, such as sustainability and evolution are introduced through watching the work of the zookeepers and learning why they do what they do, in a fun, dynamic, entertaining, but also hugely informative style.