The Zoo

Three times nominated for an IFTA, this fascinating series for animal lovers of all ages gives an incredible glimpse into life behind the scenes at Dublin Zoo.

From birth and death to love and loss, The Zoo TV series brings the dramatic highs and lows of life for Dublin Zoo’s animal inhabitants and the people who take care of them to our screens. Always factual and educational, with a strong conservation message running throughout, The Zoo keeps storytelling at its heart, bringing the real emotion and passion the zookeepers feel for their animals to life in an entertaining and at times highly dramatic show enjoyed by viewers of all ages. The Zoo has firmly established itself as a household name, bringing Irish viewers closer to the animals and keepers of Dublin Zoo than they’ve ever been before.

Season 16 X 25’
Season 210 X 25’
Season 310 X 25’
Season 410 X 25’
Season 510 X 25’
Season 610 X 25’
Season 7 8 x 25′
Season 88 x 25′
Season 98 x 25′
Season 108 x 25′
Season 118 x 25′
One Hour Specials: Christmas Special