Ireland’s Coast

*Coming Soon*

Ireland’s Coast is a landmark three part documentary series which will bring a family audience on a fascinating journey through time, along Ireland’s coastline. Based on the ground-breaking book, The Coastal Atlas of Ireland, published by University College Cork in 2021, the series will journey to the heart of Ireland’s coast, revealing its rich biodiversity, magnetic charm and its delicate nature.

This enthralling series will include contributions from those who live by the coast and have a special connection with this place coupled with the most esteemed academics and writers working in marine science. With stunning cinematography, cutting edge graphics and gripping storytelling this breath-taking odyssey will uncover the treasures of this living landscape. From mystical jellyfish, to forgotten shipwrecks, to deep coral reefs, these enchanting visuals and hidden secrets of the Irish coast will be revealed, masterfully underscored by the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.