Peacekeepers: The Irish in South Lebanon

Brought to you by the producers of Recruits this stand alone hour long documentary follows the personnel of the 47th infantry group as they prepare for deployment overseas to serve with the United Nations’ peacekeeping forces in Lebanon.

The cameras follow men and women from a broad range of ranks and responsibilities within the 47th; some of whom are seasoned veterans of Lebanon while others are serving overseas for the first time. This documentary gives you exclusive access to the 10 tough weeks of intensive pre-deployment mission, the preparations made for leaving Ireland for their 6 month mission, and the emotional rollercoaster of saying goodbye to family, friends and loved ones.

It also details the journey upon which the Irish Defence Forces have come in Lebanon over the last 40 years with interviews from Irish veterans and respected journalists such as Lara Marlowe, Tom Clonan and Robert Fisk.