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Moondance Productions

Moondance Productions

est. 1998

Moondance Productions is a television production company based in Dublin and London, specialising in factual, reality and documentary series.

We have produced hundreds of hours of ground-breaking content watched by over 100 million viewers across different territories, promoting culture, heritage, natural history and tourism. Our work has been recognised globally, picking up various international awards. We are an extremely experienced, dynamic, innovative, forward-thinking production company, always looking for new and exciting opportunities. With over 25 years of experience, our creative team is made up of some of the best directors, cinematographers, producers, editors, and graphic designers in the business.

The expansive range of projects has brought us into contact with major governmental organisations, UN defence forces and the Vatican, and we continue to gain the trust and support of important groups around the world.

Established to produce strong and compelling programmes for international markets, our shows are presently broadcasting in Ireland, UK, Europe, USA, Australia and Africa.

Shane Brennan

Shane Brennan

Founder and CEO

Shane has been working in the industry now for almost 30 years.

He is experienced in various genres, including repeat factual series, one off documentaries and entertainment series.

Entrusted for his integrity and creative vision, Shane has been granted exclusive access to government agencies and organisations around the world to take a global audience behind closed doors.

He works closely with these state and tourism organisations to promote regions and conservation, all the while building a portfolio of strong contacts that stretches across international borders and industries.

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